Hello, I’m Aimee – a 40-something wife and mother of two, currently a full-time business counselor, as well as, a professional photographer. I’ve been taking photographs and managing a family picture blog for over five years, and am extremely passionate about taking elegant portraits that tell a story, and capture the beauty and personality of every client. I am self-taught in both photography and Photoshop, and have been blessed with a good eye and creative mind. I enjoy meeting new people, laughing, making clients feel comfortable and beautiful throughout their session, and providing exceptional customer service from the moment we speak until I personally deliver the final products.

My style and approach to photography is rather simple: natural environment and natural beauty. I prefer real smiles to fake ones, true interaction to posed closeness, clean processing to trendy Photoshopping. Rich colors and strong black and whites are my preference, but I also enjoy a more old school/vintage look as well, provided it is appropriate for the image. I try to offer my clients a variety of enhancements to find a look and feel that suits them best.